Here’s What’s Hot Right Now

Our calendar has been filling up quickly with all sorts of different chores. We share this Top Five list with you in the hopes that you’ll say “Oh! I didn’t realize you did that!” and then set up an appointment. We’re booking out the week of May 20th right now, so don’t hesitate!

#1 Interior Car Detailing — Still our best seller and one of our favorite things to do. Includes carpet shampoo and leather conditioning. The most common reaction to our detailing is “Wow! It’s like brand new again!” (Right Ali Cat?)

#2 Yard Cleanup — Picking up branches, leaves, and preparing yards and beds for new growth.

#3 Window Washing — We can do single-story dwellings inside and out. We can do two-stories if the windows fold in.

#4 Power Washing — Patios, Driveways, Garages. We’ll get them looking like new again.

#5 Out With The Old — Spring cleaning is in full force right now. We’ve made so many trips to Goodwill lately, we’ve lost count. Point us to that problem area and we’ll help you get it under control.

Call 414-409-3209 or email us at


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