Welcome Jen and Khala!

Team Joy grows again this month with the addition of two amazing individuals.

We are thrilled to announce that Jen Sullivan has joined the team as a Happiness Creator. Jen will be sharing her big heart and natural joy with our awesome clients. Among her many gifts, Jen brings a background in nutrition and wellness that will be a key factor in some new services coming this fall. Please welcome Jen to the team!

And if that isn’t mind-blowing enough, we are also beyond excited to announce that Khala Sampson has joined Team Joy. Khala will play a dual role of Happiness Creator and Marketing Genius. With her wide variety of skills and passions, Khala will take Joy Delivered to new heights.

We have a team in place that can impact so many lives. Now we humbly ask you to spread the word so that more people know about Joy Delivered. Please make appointments, share socially, comment, like, talk it up among your work and friend circles. You are an important part of our success and we need you!

Here We Grow!

Today marks 9 months to the day since Joy Delivered began creating smiles across Southeastern Wisconsin. So it is fitting to provide this little birth announcment…

We are EXTREMELY excited to welcome Theresa Toporsh to the Joy Delivered team! Theresa brings an amazing skillset including legit design and gardening skills to complement her organizational skills. With her talents, we’ll be able to provide new offerings in the months to come. Most important of all, Theresa loves people and BRINGS THE JOY to whoever and whatever she does.

But wait! That’s not all! We’ve also hired Judy Lechtenberg as our Bookkeeper. Judy’s attention to detail when it comes to balancing the checkbook is going to be a huge asset for us. As with Theresa, Judy also brings a ton of joy and love to all those she encounters.

And if that wasn’t enough, we have the blessing of Jay Sugar! Jay was so impacted by the vision of Joy Delivered that he wants to volunteer his free time to help further our mission. Jay is an amazing and humble man who wants to use his gifts to serve others and we are so fortunate to have his help.

And last but not least, we welcome Lucy Winters to the team. If you know Lucy, you know that she’s rarely seen without a smile on her face. Lucy will be assisting when she’s not busy working on homework or creating canvases for her side business.

Please welcome Theresa, Judy, Jay, and Lucy to the team! We’re so excited to be able to spread even more to more people.

That Ditch Just Got JOYED

Yup, we just verbed a word. . .and joyed the heck out of that ditch. Check out the before-and-after pics. We also brought some serious joy to our Keesus peeps this afternoon by repairing a screen door, window, and hauling away some bulky stuff. “I can open my door and let the breeze blow in now! Joy was definitely delivered today!”

Stuff like this can linger on a Honey-Do List. Give us a call so we can take care of it for you. It usually makes all Honeys happy (and us too). Win-win-win!

Joy x3

This is a great example of the randomness that we get asked to do. Duct tape hopscotch! The best part is that it brought joy to the client, it’ll bring joy to her grandson, and it brought joy to me because I got to install it on a beautiful sunny day.

Growth & Change

We have been extremely blessed with a tremendous response to Joy Delivered. Seriously. Expectations massively blown out of the water. THANK YOU to all who have supported this business.

Today we are announcing new pricing for all our services. We are doing this because it is part of our vision to bring as much joy to as many people as possible. This means gearing up to expand.

Watch for more info on hiring in the weeks to come. For the time being, if you are interested in enrolling in our vision to bring joy to others, reach out to us. We will be looking for part-time hourly help. Key requirement: you guessed it, you’ve got to bring the joy!

Here’s What’s Hot Right Now

Our calendar has been filling up quickly with all sorts of different chores. We share this Top Five list with you in the hopes that you’ll say “Oh! I didn’t realize you did that!” and then set up an appointment. We’re booking out the week of May 20th right now, so don’t hesitate!

#1 Interior Car Detailing — Still our best seller and one of our favorite things to do. Includes carpet shampoo and leather conditioning. The most common reaction to our detailing is “Wow! It’s like brand new again!” (Right Ali Cat?)

#2 Yard Cleanup — Picking up branches, leaves, and preparing yards and beds for new growth.

#3 Window Washing — We can do single-story dwellings inside and out. We can do two-stories if the windows fold in.

#4 Power Washing — Patios, Driveways, Garages. We’ll get them looking like new again.

#5 Out With The Old — Spring cleaning is in full force right now. We’ve made so many trips to Goodwill lately, we’ve lost count. Point us to that problem area and we’ll help you get it under control.

Call 414-409-3209 or email us at joydeliverederrands@gmail.com.


“We” vs. “I”

You may have noticed the use of the word “we” throughout this site. The truth is, Joy Delivered is a one-man operation. . .for now. And it’s that “for now” that represents my vision for this business. I believe that Joy Delivered will touch so many lives that I will eventually not be able to serve them all without additional help. Because I believe this so strongly, I act “as if”. I have found that this mode of thinking is what drives change in my life. So I act as if Joy Delivered is more than just me, because one day it will be “we” and not just “I”.

To everyone who has encouraged me and rooted for me since Joy Delivered opened in November 2018, I offer my heartfelt thanks. This business has changed my life and the lives of many others in just 4 months. The month of February was absolutely huge and the momentum is really picking up. Please continue to spread the word and encourage friends and family to try out this service (remember, that first hour is free). Many clients have told me how hard it is to find someone trustworthy to help them with their errands and how much this business has saved them.

With Peace & Love,

A Word About Our Prices

Joy Delivered offers all of its services at the same rate of $25/hr ($20/hr for seniors). Can you get a better deal at other places? Yup, sure can. So why go with Joy Delivered?

Our mission is to change lives — it is how we measure success. The personal connection with each client is our #1 priority. When you work with us, you will always work with the same person who is dedicated to deliver joy with each visit. We don’t just do the errand and leave — we talk to you, get to know you, and make sure you know that you are loved.

We also perform all errands with a focus on quality. We do things the way that we would want them done for us. If you’re not blown away by the service you receive, you get your money back. We want you to be so crazy about us that you tell all your friends and family.

That is the Joy Delivered Difference.