Do you smile a lot?
Do people ever tell you that you brighten their day?
If so, consider a career experience with Joy Delivered. 
Come grow with us!

By choosing to work for Joy Delivered, you are enrolling in our vision, which is to create a world where every person has a reason to smile.

This is more than just a job. This is an experience. It is a calling to serve others. Every day you will make someone’s day brighter.

Teaming up with Joy Delivered is a unique opportunity to have a tremendous impact on the execution of our vision. Your contributions will go beyond the actual tasks that you will be asked to perform. 

Here is what you can expect from partnering with Joy Delivered.

| Benefits |

  • Part-time, flexible hours. No evenings or weekends. Family comes first.
  • Open communication at all times. 
  • Sharing the journey, sharing the joy. 

While the specific task list may vary, here are some examples of how you may serve our clients.

| Main Job Functions |

  • Package deliveries
  • Lawn mowing, planting, weeding, yard cleanup
  • Cleaning & organizing
  • Miscellaneous “Help around the house” tasks such as assembling toys and furniture, moving stuff from basements and attics, hanging pictures, and fixing things.

To perform these duties, we are looking for someone who has these qualities.

| Candidate Requirements |

  • Natural inclination to smile
  • Willingness to be joyful in all circumstances with all manner of people
  • Basic skills in lawn and garden care
  • Basic skills in cleaning & organizing with a high attention to detail
  • Physical ability to lift 50 lbs
  • Auto insurance and a clean driving record
  • Ability to learn new skills quickly
  • Ability to flex with changing requests from clients


To apply, send an email with resume to joydeliverederrands @ with answers to these two questions:

  1. What do you bring to Joy Delivered?
  2. What is your “why”?