Here are just a few of the services offered by Joy Delivered. This is just to get you started. If you don’t see something on this list, ask us about it!

Home Care

  • Basement & Garage Cleanup & Organizing | Unleash our organzing experts on those areas that tend to get a bit untidy. In addition to cleaning and organizing, we can also install shelving units and hangers. We’re happy to take unwanted items to donation centers as part of this service.
  • Handyman Help | Light- to Medium-Duty help around the house. If your job is not in our skillset, we will refer you to one of our partners.
  • Furniture & Toy Assembly | Whether it’s a jungle gym or a new dresser, we can have it put together for you in no time!
  • Picture Hanging | Do you have pictures and paintings that you’ve been meaning to hang for months? We have artist eyes to help!
  • Interior Painting | If you’ve been wanting to spruce up that bathroom or bedroom with a fresh coat of paint, we can help. Our sweet spot is smaller spaces. . .for bigger jobs involving multiple spaces, we would refer you to a professional painter.
  • Power Washing | Great for adding new life to decks, patios, garages, driveways, outdoor furniture, and landscape rocks & pavers. Estimates available upon request. $35/hr.
  • Window Washing | Single-stories only unless windows fold in.
  • Gutter Cleaning | Single-stories only.
  • Vacation Checks-ins | We can check on pets, plants, lights, mail, garbage, etc. Travel time to-and-from is a part of the cost. 

Yard Care

  • Lawn Mowing | At this time we do not have our own equipment, but we’re happy to use your equipment and provide the people power.
  • Yard Work | Includes bush trimming, weeding, planting, leaf raking, etc. 
  • Landscaping & Gardening | Point us to a section of your yard or garden that needs a little TLC and we’ll bring it to life.

Car Care

  • Interior Detailing | We come to you! Includes carpet vacuum & shampoo, leather conditioning, trunk, windows, and white-glove detail work on the dash, dials, and hard surfaces throughout using our homemade doTERRA essential oil cleaner. Takes 2-3 hours. Cars & 2-row SUV’s $90. Minivans & 3-row SUV’s $120.

People Care

  • Meal Prep | Using your kitchen and supplies that you have (or that we pick up for you), we can assemble nutritious meals so that they’re ready to be cooked or frozen for the week. Plans available.
  • Laundry+ | If laundry is not your favoritest thing in the whole world, let us do it. In between loads, we will do projects around the house, organize the clutter, or meal prep. Or pick from any of our other services to pair with the laundry.
  • Companion Care | Great for giving that Caregiver a little break. Let us love on your loved ones by reading books together, playing games, or just sharing stories. Plans available.
  • Care Package | Send someone special a package of goodies. Perfect for your college student. We’ll purchase all their favorites, package them beautifully, and then deliver them to their doorstep.

Pet Care

  • Dog Care | We love our pups! Daytime walks and Check-ins available — great for senior dogs or puppies. $20/visit, discount plans available.
  • Cat Care | Need litter boxes changed? We can also stop in while you’re on vacation and make sure your fuzzy loved one knows you care.
  • Pooper Scoopin | Yup, we do that too.