Here are just a few of the services offered by Joy Delivered. This is just to get you started. Let your imagination run wild!

Home & Family Services

  • Doggie Care – Walks, Daytime Check-ins (great for seniors or puppies)
  • Interior Car Detailing
  • Lawn Maintenance – Mowing, Weeding, Raking, etc.
  • Vacation Checks-ins – Pets, Plants, Lights, Mail, etc.
  • Basement Cleanup & Organizing
  • In-Home Waiting Service for appliance deliveries, cable installs, etc.
  • Furniture / Toy Assembly
  • Technology Training – Demystifying that computer or mobile phone
  • Meal Prep
  • Companion Care – Great for giving a Caregiver a little break\

Delivery Services

  • Grocery Shopping / Pick-up & Delivery
  • Package / Mail pick-up or drop-off
  • Emergency Delivery – Forgot to send a lunch to school with your kids? We can help!
  • Dry Cleaning pick-up or drop-off
  • Meal / Coffee Delivery
  • Returns & Exchanges

Seasonal Services

  • Leaf Raking
  • Christmas Shopping
  • Christmas Lights / Decorations

Office & Business Services

  • Office Life Support – Bring life to your office with bagels, donuts, lunch, or treats
  • Courier Service