Joe and his team are absolutely the hardest working and kind and compassionate people I have ever met. When you need help with cleaning, organizing, deliveries and anything else this amazing company does….call them! I can’t say enough wonderful things about each of them! I give them 100 billion stars!

Diane C.

Joy Delivered is the essence of the phrase “it’s the little things in life.” Who knew having a clean car could bring me such joy, and such a smile to my face. I am forever grateful.

Veronica M.

An amazing company with an amazing staff!

Alan M.

Joy Delivered helped organize and clean areas of my kitchen that were on a to-do list for 6+ months. When life gets busy, Joy Delivered swoops in to help. Easy to schedule and reasonable rates. Thanks again!

Melissa K.

Joe just finished window treatment work for me, changing out door knobs, fixing a door that had settled and would no longer latch and gladly assisted me with installing my window ac. Joe is professional, prompt, efficient and excels in customer service. I am so very pleased with his work. I strongly recommend Joy Delivered!

Debbie F.

Joe Winters and Joy Delivered has exceeded our expectations! I would not hesitate to recommend Joy Delivered. Joe has helped us with house check-ins; including mail, package and house checks, spring furniture set-up, car detailing and soon interior and exterior spring cleaning. Joe has the skills and attention to detail to help you get your tasks done. Joe also has the the utmost level of honesty and integrity.

When you work with Joe and Joy Delivered he will help you get your tasks done so you have more free time to enjoy life. Call Joe at Joy Delivered and be ready to have him exceed your expectations!

Mary B.

Joe came and picked up my car from work so I could continue working and not be interrupted – what convenience!!! He was very professional with communications and my car looked fantastic after they were done!! I definitely recommend them! And will use them again!!

Jen M.

I am ecstatic over the exceedingly awesome job Teresa and Joe did on organizing our barn! They exceeded and completely blew away my expectations. Our barn with plenty of square footage was a dumping ground of miscellaneous items from our home and business. It looked like a “dump”. I asked them to post before and after pictures on Facebook! Teresa was not overwhelmed with the task at all and dove right in. Her communication was impeccable. We gave her free range with how she wanted to organize the barn because I trust them 1,000,000%! They are always excited about the projects they take on and greet us with a smile! The project was completed quickly and exceeded my expectations. The whole experience was worry free. The best way to describe my satisfaction with this project is “Joyful”! Seeing the results took my breath away! I highly recommend the Joy Delivered Team and WILL work with them again!

Sean J.

We have been using Joy Delivered for weekly laundry service since August and have LOVED the service!! As a busy family with 2 working parents and 2 active kids, we are always looking for ways to simplify life and create more family time. I felt like I was spending all weekend doing laundry before. Now, I can spend my weekends with my family which is amazing!

We feel completely comfortable having Joe in our house. He is reliable and does a great job. He came to the house before starting and we talked about how we like different things washed (hot vs cold, dryer vs lay flat and all those details). If he has any questions during the process, he emails or texts. He even puts everything away when clean.

We have also had Jen help with basement organization which was a wonderful help! She is a great person with great organizational skills!

I highly recommend Joy Delivered!!

Amy F.

We had Joy Delivered spruce up our kitchen and back hall last week. They did an amazing job cleaning the walls and ceiling in the kitchen, painting, repairing drywall, and repairing and painting the woodwork and furniture in the back hall! This company is really something different! They are kind, super hard working, and their expectations for themselves were way above what I was expecting. For example, when they got started, they asked me if they could fill the cracks in the bead board in the hallway. I was thrilled with this idea, but when I came home the day the job had been finished, I noticed they also fixed the cracks in the bathroom they were using. Amazing! Everyday when they left, everything was perfectly cleaned up, tools etc. placed in the basement, the floor shining. The last day I came home to find Rice Krispie treats and a business card! The services this small group of very hardworking people can provide include but are not limited to: organizing and purging garages and basements, car detailing, lawn clean up, meal prep, grocery shopping, laundry, filling your refrigerator before you return from vacation, deep cleaning in your home, installing lighting and ceiling fans, and many other things that people will think of soon. I am grateful for Joy Delivered and a spruced up, lighter brighter kitchen and side entry! Thank you Joe Winters and crew!

Jenny E.